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Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery
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Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery has got h-index 17, which means every article in Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery has got 17 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery.

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Year wise published articles

53 55 7 8 11

Year wise citations received

186 177 153 142 91
Journal total citations count 1040
Journal impact factor 59.33
Journal 5 years impact factor 38.19
Journal cite score 37.35
Journal h-index 17
Journal h-index since 2017 15
Important citations

badri w, miladi k, nazari qa, greige-gerges h, fessi h, (2016) encapsulation of nsaids for inflammation management: overview, progress, challenges and prospects. int j pharm 515:757-773.

Tuntarawongsa ms(2014) สำ นัก หอสมุด กล า ง 1-108.

mehanna mm, alwattar jk, elmaradny ha (2015) optimization, physicochemical characterization and in vivo assessment of spray dried emulsion: a step toward bioavailability augmentation and gastric toxicity minimization. int j pharm 496:766-779.

Optimization and in vivo toxicity evaluation of g4.5 pamam dendrimer-risperidone complexes

Pamam dendrimers as a carbamazepine delivery system for neurodegenerative diseases: a biophysical and nanotoxicological characterization

Chen tp, su tl, liang j (2017) plasma-activated solutions for bacteria and biofilm inactivation. current bioactive compounds 13: 59-65.

Physicochemical properties of bactericidal plasma-treated water

the application of cold atmospheric plasma in medicine: the potential role of nitric oxide in plasma-induced effects

Production characteristics of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species in water using atmospheric pressure discharge plasmas

Biofilm inactivation and prevention on common implant material surfaces by nonthermal dbd plasma treatment

Johnson dc, bzdek jp, fahrenbruck cr, chandler jc, bisha b, et al. (2016) an innovative non-thermal plasma reactor to eliminate microorganisms in water. desalination and water treat 57: 8097-8108.

Asymmetric surface dielectric barrier discharge as a novel method for biological decontamination

Microarray analysis of transcriptomic response of escherichia coli to nonthermal plasma-treated pbs solution

Boehm d, heslin c, cullen pj, bourke p.(2016) cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of solutions exposed to cold atmospheric plasma. sci rep.6: 21464.

Elevated concentration of nitrate ions in water through direct treatment by dielectric barrier discharge

Acutely induced cell mortality in the unicellular green alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii (chlorophyceae) following exposure to acrylic resin nanoparticles

Langroodi fa, hafezi ghahestani z, alibolandi m, ebrahimian m, hashemi m (2016) evaluation of the effect of crocetin on antitumor activity of doxorubicin encapsulated in plga nanoparticles. nanomedicine journal  jan 1 3:23-34.

sharma a, kakkar a (2015) designing dendrimer and miktoarm polymer based multi-tasking nanocarriers for efficient medical therapy. molecules sep 17 20:16987-17015.

Anticancer efficacy of a supramolecular complex of a 2-diethylaminoethyl–dextran–mma graft copolymer and paclitaxel used as an artificial enzyme

Medicinal facilities to b16f10 melanoma cells for distant metastasis control with a supramolecular complex by deae-dextran-mma copolymer/paclitaxel

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