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International Journal of Waste Resources : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in International Journal of Waste Resources have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. International Journal of Waste Resources has got h-index 17, which means every article in International Journal of Waste Resources has got 17 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

23 10 42 60 69

Year wise citations received

460 358 263 172 113
Journal total citations count 1875
Journal impact factor 8.90
Journal 5 years impact factor 6.76
Journal cite score 9.38
Journal h-index 17
Journal h-index since 2016 17
Important citations

AlShukri AY, AREAAER AH, Almrsomi TS, Alfartosi KA. Effect of Partial Substitution of Rice Bran for the Yellow Corn (Maize) on Broiler Performance.

Mirnawati AD, Ciptaan G. Research Article Utilization of Fermented Palm Kernel Cake with Sclerotium rolfsii in Broiler Ration.

Pranata A (2015) Pengaruh pemberian bungkil inti kelapa sawit yang difermentasi menggunakan isolat selulolitik dari belalang kembara pada pakan terhadap penampilan produksi puyuh jantan. Buletin Peternakan 39(1):49-56.

Alshelmani MI, Loh TC, Foo HL, Sazili AQ, Lau WH (2017) Effect of feeding different levels of palm kernel cake fermented by Paenibacillus polymyxa ATCC 842 on broiler growth performance, blood biochemistry, carcass characteristics, and meat quality. Animal Production Science 26;57(5):839-48.

Panggabean AS, Rachman A (2016) Validasi Metode X-Ray Fluorescence untuk Analisis Ion Fe dalam activated Methyl Diethanol Amine (aMDEA). Indo. J. Chem. Res 31;3(2):302-7.

کیخاونی, توان, ساده میری نژاد, توکل مقدم. بررسی پدیده کف در برج جذب پالایشگاه گاز با روش بررسی سطح پاسخ Ùˆ تعیین موثرترین ضد‌کف. پژوهش نفت. 2018 Jun 22;28(97-2):116-27.‎

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Schultes M (2013) Research on mass transfer columns: passé?. Chemical Engineering & Technology 36(9):1539-49.

Tasca JD. Utilização de rejeito de mineração (pirita) em processos Fenton e adsortivo para remoção de cor.

Anwar-ul-Haq M, Hashmat AJ, Islam E, Afzal M, Mahmood A, Ibrahim M, et al. (2018) Pilot-Scale Electrochemical Treatment of Textile Effluent and its Toxicological Assessment for Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) Culture. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 1;50(5).

Aounia A, Altınayb AD, İlhand F, Koseoglu-İmerc DY, Avşard Y, Hafianea A, Keskinlerb B, et al. (2018) The applicability of combined physico-chemical processes for treatment and reuse of synthetic textile reverse osmosis concentrate. DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT 1;111:111-24.

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