HIV: Current Research

HIV: Current Research
Open Access

ISSN: 2572-0805


Aims and Scope

HIV: Current Research is an open access peer reviewed journal which will provide a quick review process for most exciting articles on HIV.

HIV: Current Research basically aimed to publish all article types from medical and clinical practitioners, professionals, researchers, professional bodies, institutions, students etc.

HIV: Current Research has a wide range of scope including but not limited to: Retroviruses, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV Infection, HIV Transmission, HIV Life Cycle, AIDS, Immune system and HIV, HIV Diagnosis, HIV Symptoms, HIV Medication, HIV Drugs, Treatment & HIV Counseling, HIV Clinical Therapies, Antiretroviral therapy HIV-Related Complications, HIV Opportunistic Infections, HIV and AIDS Prevention, Risk Behaviours of HIV/AIDS. Any other material of HIV and AIDS - Immunology discipline and relevance will also be considered.

All works published by the Longdom Publishing are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adopt the work provided, the original work and source is appropriately cited. HIV: Current Research journal strongly supports the Open Access initiative. All published articles will be assigned DOI provided by Cross Ref. The journal keeps updated reviews on HIV: Current Research. Abstracts and full texts (HTML, PDF formats) of all articles published by this journal are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication. HIV: Current Research journal supports the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.

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