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Citations Report - Chemotherapy: Open Access [402 Articles]

The articles published in Chemotherapy: Open Access have been cited 402 times by eminent researchers all around the world. Following is the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Chemotherapy: Open Access.

Muehlmann LA, Ma BC, Longo JP, Santos MD, Azevedo RB (2014) Aluminum–phthalocyanine chloride associated to poly (methyl vinyl ether-co-maleic anhydride) nanoparticles as a new third-generation photosensitizer for anticancer photodynamic therapy. International journal of nanomedicine 9: 1199.

Calixto G, Bernegossi J, Fonseca-Santos B, Chorilli M (2014) Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for treatment of oral cancer: a review. International journal of nanomedicine 1:3719-35.

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