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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology has got h-index 26, which means every article in Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology has got 26 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

97 15 10 25 39

Year wise citations received

658 567 476 421 320
Journal total citations count 3288
Journal impact factor 11.51
Journal 5 years impact factor 10.10
Journal cite score 14.07
Journal h-index 26
Journal h-index since 2017 24
Important citations

Chen z, xia q, zha b, sun j, xu b, chen z. triboelectric separation of wheat bran tissues: influence of tribo?material, water content, and particle size. journal of food process engineering. 2020 jan;43(1):e13346.

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Saleem j, riaz ma, gordon m. oil sorbents from plastic wastes and polymers: a review. journal of hazardous materials. 2018 jan 5;341:424-37.

Juan jl, maldonado cs, sánchez ra, díaz oj, ronquillo mr, sandoval-rangel l, aguilar np, delgado na, martínez-vargas dx. tio2 doped with europium (eu): synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance on pesticide degradation under solar irradiation. catalysis today. 2021 sep 6.

De la cruz jm, guzmán cg, mejía fc, acevedo bl, cedillo of, de buen ig, ocampo am, valencia hm. effect of the substitution of sand by rubber of waste tires on the mechanical properties of hydraulic concrete and exposure to gamma radiation. journal of minerals and materials characterization and engineering. 2021 may 12;9(3):245-56.

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Nabhan s, luber t, scheffler f, heubeck c. climatic and geochemical implications of archean pedogenic gypsum in the moodies group (? 3.2 ga), barberton greenstone belt, south africa. precambrian research. 2016 apr 1;275:119-34.

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Xuan-peng h, xue-long w, da-bing t, ya-rong w, tian-hui c, hua-jie l. influence of formation water ion composition on cement lurry performance and countermeasures: case study. south african journal of chemical engineering. 2021 oct 1;38:54-60.

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