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Articles published in Journal of Cell Science & Therapy have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Cell Science & Therapy has got h-index 15, which means every article in Journal of Cell Science & Therapy has got 15 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

55 22 4 8 20 27

Year wise citations received

117 111 110 120 126 103
Journal total citations count 921
Journal impact factor 8.67
Journal 5 years impact factor 6.84
Journal cite score 8.35
Journal h-index 15
Journal h-index since 2017 12
Important citations

Identification of optimal expression parameters and purification of a codon-optimized human glis1 transcription factor from escherichia coli.

Recombinant expression and biochemical characterization of levansucrase from halophilic bacteria bacillus licheniformis bk1 and bk2

Optimizing the expression and solubilization of an e. coli-produced leukemia inhibitory factor for anti-lif antibody production and use thereof for contraception in mice.

Enhanced production of recombinant alcohol dehydrogenase using the genetically engineered escherichia coli strain that heterologously expresses carrot heat shock protein 70

A small fragment of factor b as a potential inhibitor of complement alternative pathway activity.

Cloning, expression and purification of a novel fusion protein composed of flagellin and ns5b of hepatitis c virus in escherichia coli host.

Soluble expression of recombinant midgut zymogen (native propeptide) proteases from the aedes aegypti mosquito utilizing e. coli as a host.

Comparison of e. coli based self-inducible expression systems containing different human heat shock proteins.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and agar gel immunodiffusion assay for diagnosis of equine infectious anemia employing p26 protein fused to the maltose-binding protein.

Expression, purification and functional assessment of smallest isoform of human interleukin-24 in escherichia coli.

assessment of e. coli expression system for overexpression of active recombinant ocriplasmin.

Direct cloning, expression and purification of human activated thrombin in prokaryotic system and cd analysis report of produced thrombin: molecular characterization of recombinant thrombin.

Promoter engineering for the recombinant protein production in prokaryotic systems

Recombinant expression of hiv-1 protease using soluble fusion tags in escherichia coli: a vital tool for functional characterization of hiv-1 protease

Cell banks preparation in biopharmaceuticals production

Genetics and metabolic engineering of yeast strains for efficient ethanol production

Synthetic fish metallothionein design as a potential tool for monitoring toxic metals in water.

Method for efficient soluble expression and purification of recombinant human interleukin-15.

Expanding the promoter toolbox of bacillus megaterium.

Streptavidin (sav)-based artificial metalloenzymes: cofactor design considerations and large-scale expression of host protein variants

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