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Articles published in Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology has got h-index 24, which means every article in Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology has got 24 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology.

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Year wise published articles

42 17 21 33 47

Year wise citations received

369 353 325 284 251
Journal Impact Factor 2020 formula
IF= Citations(y)/{Publications(y-1)+ Publications(y-2)} Y= Year
Journal 5-year Impact Factor 2020 formula
Citations(2016 + 2017 + 2018 + 2019 + 2020)/
{Published articles(2016 + 2017 + 2018 + 2019 + 2020)}
Journal citescore
Citescorey = Citationsy + Citationsy-1 + Citationsy-2 + Citations y-3 / Published articlesy + Published articlesy-1 + Published articlesy-2 + Published articles y-3
Journal total citations count 2283
Journal impact factor 9.82
Journal 5 years impact factor 9.91
Journal cite score 11.81
Journal h-index 24
Journal h-index since 2016 20
Important citations

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