Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics

Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics
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Sobia Latif

Department of Health Care, Lahore School of Nursing, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Mini Review   
    Can Health Care Provider be a Surrogate Decision Maker?
    Author(s): Sobia Latif* and Adnan Yaqoob

    This commentary article is based on surrogate decision making which arises conflict for not giving consent for surgery but the health care provider (surgeon) took decision for surgery on the behalf of family to ensure a successful outcome for the patient. Ethics are central to the clinical practice of quality and safety of patient life. The informed consent process for emergency surgery and his surrogate as well as parents should make conclusion in regarded less time. The special cases of a surgical emergency developed possible complication to attain the target plan of the late decision for patient surgery, in the favor of patient right and humanitarian. The aim of this study is to lead a real direction for health care provider to take decision for surgery on the behalf of family for patient surgery in emergency situation... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2155-9627.20.11.361

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