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George Thomas

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    Biology and Chemistry of Human Sexuality
    Author(s): George Thomas

    Freud’s dual theory of female orgasm – Clitoris infantile source of sexual activity – Mature girl must cede its functional role of orgasm to vagina – Women who fail in this respect are neurotic and subhuman- Masters and Johnson dismiss the theory of vaginal orgasm – Four stages in a women’s coital activity leading to orgasm – First excitement phase which needs 3-4 minutes just to turn on a woman – Second plateau stage needs uninterrupted, rhythmic stimulation but the male partner fails to sustain this – If  he succeeds, the female progresses to the third orgasmic phase – All  her genital organs get filled with blood – At a certain point in this vasocongestive build up, a reflex sets in causing genital muscles to contract  rhythmically – These contractions  are experienced as orgasm by a female .. View More»

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