Journal of Nutritional Disorders & Therapy

Journal of Nutritional Disorders & Therapy
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Enkhtungalag Batsaikhan


  • Abstract   
    Household iodized salt intake of the Mongolia
    Author(s): Enkhtungalag Batsaikhan

    Introduction: The prevention of iodine deficiency disorders through salt iodization has been a longstanding strategy in Mongolia and the proportion of households consuming iodized salt has increased in recent years. To meet government regulations, household salt must be fortified with iodine to at least 30 parts per million (ppm) and to at least 15 ppm to meet international monitoring standards. The objective of the survey was to assess the Iodized salt consumption of the household. Results: In the majority of households (78.9%), salt was adequately iodized with 15 ppm or more of iodine, while .. Read More»

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