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Biology and Medicine
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ISSN: 0974-8369

Adedire BA

School of Medical Laboratory Science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Teaching Hospital complex, Ile- Ife, Nigeria

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    Investigation on the Pattern of Intestinal Parasites Present in Refuse Dumps and Abattoir Wastes in Ile-Ife, Nigeria
    Author(s): Udoh SJ, Olaniran Olarinde*, Adedire BA, Hassan-Olajokun RE, Olaniran OO, Oyetokeo O and Awoyeni EA

    This project work focuses on the investigation of pattern of intestinal parasites present in refuse dumps and abattoir wastes in Ile-Ife. Samples were collected from 5 abattoirs in Ile-Ife and 5 refuse sites. The collection of samples covered a period of 4 months from March to June 2009. The samples were processed using concentration methods (Simple sedimentation and saturated salt floatation techniques). 64 ova and cyst of intestinal parasite were recovered from abattoir waste and 31 from refuse dumps. Trohozoites of protozoa and larvae of some helminths recovered are 95. In refuse dump samples; Entamoeba histolytica 18 (28.1%) Entamoeba coli 12 (18.8%), Balantidium coli 2 (3.1%), Taenia spp. 2 (3.1%), Hymenolepis nana 3 (4.2%), Hookworm 2 (3.1%) are recovered while in abattoir wastes Ascaris lumbricoides 17 (54.8%), Hookworm 9 (29.0%), Balantidium coli 5 (16.1%) and trophozoite of B.. Read More»

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