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Tombisana Meetei NG

  • Review Article
    Effects Of Climate Change On Growth And Development Of Chilli
    Author(s): Karma Bhutia L, Khanna VK, Tombisana Meetei NG and Nangsol Bhutia DKarma Bhutia L, Khanna VK, Tombisana Meetei NG and Nangsol Bhutia D

    Climate change has become the major concern for the world today. Focusing on agriculture, climate change is already beginning to have a negative impact on world’s crop production levels. Global warming/climate change is causing a significant harm to the cultivation of crops including chillies around the world. Chilli is one of the important spice crops. Many studies have been done/conducted to look for the possible damage to chilli crop growth and development due to change in climate and global warming and also to find out the solution to these problems. This review article highlights about some of the consequences of global warming such as extreme temperature, drought, floods, soil acidity, soil salinity, etc. on chilli and the mitigation and adaptation techniques that are being used or can be used to make the plants more tolerant and productive under this changing climate... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9881.1000180

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