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Sachin Jayaprakash

  • Research Article
    Design and Development of Compost Bin for Indian Kitchen
    Author(s): Sachin Jayaprakash, Lohit HS and Abhilash BSSachin Jayaprakash, Lohit HS and Abhilash BS

    Composting is the decomposition of organic waste by microorganisms under controlled conditions. Organic waste, which forms a significant part of municipal solid waste, has caused increasing environmental concerns. It is estimated that around 50 percent it can be composted. Instead, most of it is landfilled and incinerated. By composting organic waste, we can preserve resources and produce a valuable by-product that can be used as locally produced fertilizer. The existing compost bins have few challenges which are difficult to handle such as messy and smelly compost, time-consuming process (30-45 days), prone to insects and rodents and hard to clean. In addition, some of them release greenhouse gases. Cost issues are there with few automatic and high-end compost bins. This project aims at designing a compost bin for Indian household kitchen, which is easy to use, odor free, ergonomic i.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2252-5211.1000323

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