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Roberto Ronchetti

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    The Clinical Meaning of Histamine Skin Reactivity
    Author(s): Roberto Ronchetti and Mario BarretoRoberto Ronchetti and Mario Barreto

    The definition of the “atopic state”, i.e. subjects presenting at least one skin wheal with a minimum diameter of 3 mm induced by an allergen skin-prick test (ASPT), is based on the assumption that wheal size depends entirely on the amount of histamine produced in the antigen-antibody reaction. Several epidemiological studies have, however, demonstrated that an ASPT-elicited wheal is heavily modulated by “histamine skin reactivity” (HSR), i.e. the size of the wheal induced by a prick test performed with a given solution of histamine. HSR not only varies widely depending on the individual characteristics and geographical setting, but also changes over time; these differences in HSR markedly influence the amount of specific IgE required to produce a wheal of at least 3 mm in an ASPT. We should therefore ideally conceive the existence of two types of” atopic.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6121.1000227

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