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Poh Wei Ting

Poh Wei Ting


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    Thyroid Diseases and Diet Control
    Author(s): Tan Kar Soon and Poh Wei TingTan Kar Soon and Poh Wei Ting

    Thyroid diseases are major problem of modern society and are classified as diseases of civilization. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress and exposure to chemical are believed to increase the risk of developing thyroid disorders. Medication and surgery are commonly used to address thyroid diseases. Despite the advancement in medical technology, it was unfortunate that there had not yet to be any potential cure for hypothyroidism. Treatment in the form of synthetic thyroid hormone cause patients to suffer from the symptoms of hypothyroid, despite their thyroid hormone levels being balanced. Whereas the limitation of surgery is patient might need to rely on synthetic thyroid hormone for their lifetime after the thyroid gland is removed. Approaching thyroid disease and autoimmunity from a holistic level and seeing the body as an interconnected system is the better way to address disease. Many rec.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0509.1000224

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