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Journal of Tumour Research & Reports
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Lawrence M. Agius

Lawrence M. Agius
University of Malta Medical School,
Malta, Europe

  • Mini Review Article
    Contextual Non-Inflammation Self-Promotion and Subsequent Origin as Oncogenesis

    Author(s): Lawrence M. AgiusLawrence M. Agius

    Performance identity is a proportional index of the cell injury that repeatedly characterizes and re-characterizes the dimensions of non-resolution of death pathways as systems of non-inflammation. The identity profiles for further change are by intrinsic nature a system profile that sharply demarcates adjacent healthy cells within the productive milieu of transforming homeostatic control mechanisms. The further significant emergence for potential change is centered paradoxically on the evolving dimensions of apoptosis inhibitors that clearly regulate the profile identity of progression systems in terms of non-resolution and as integral component for further transformation of cell components in carcinogenesis .. Read More»


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