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World Bank Assisted Community Development Programme: A Study of Rural Areas in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Joseph Okwesili Nkwede and Nwovu Arinze Samuel

This study x-rayed the World Bank intervention in rural water supply in Nigeria through Community and Social Development Agency of Ebonyi State. The objective of the study is to assess the impact of CSDP micro water projects on socio economic wellbeing of the rural settlers in Ebonyi State, identify the factors affecting the implementation of CSDP water projects in rural communities of Ebonyi State and to identify possible ways of sustaining CSDP water projects in Ebonyi State. Survey methods were adopted to elicit data for this study. The study revealed inter-alia that CSDP water infrastructure has not improved the socio-economic conditions of rural dwellers in Ebonyi state. The study recommends among other things that a pre-intervention survey be carried out with a view to determining the base line of infrastructures in the rural communities before actual programmes are implemented, community members should be involved in the execution and evaluation of quality and quantity of work done at all levels and periodic evaluation should not be left in the hands of community programme monitoring committee but should involve CSDP officials and community members in a community general meeting .Implication of this findings for both the rural dwellers and government officials is that it is only full implementation of World Bank intervention programmes that can bring about the attainment of all round development and consequently lead to socio-economic transformation of the rural populace.