International Journal of Advancements in Technology

International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Windows Based Graphical Objective C IDE

Suvadeep Das, Gaurav Singh and Balraj Kumar

On the growing demand of mobile application development, the learning and knowledge of the basic languages used in the development becomes a necessity. For the Android development, we need the basics of Java technology, for Windows phone application, the Dot Net and C# technology is promoted and for iOS development, the basics of Objective C is the main prerequisite. For most of the Windows based system users, it becomes difficult to practice the Objective C programs, since Windows provide no specific tool for it. Based upon this issue, by learning and doing a tremendous research on the working of different available Objective C IDEs and the methodologies used by them, we have come up with a Windows based User-friendly Objective C IDE that provides a cross platform advantage with graphical features.