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Variant Segmental Renal Arteries in The Right Kidney- Clinical Correlations- A Case Report

Anterpreet K Arora, Poonam Verma, Monika Lalit, Anupama Mahajan and Maneesha Sharma

Renal artery variations are becoming more important due to the gradual increase in interventional radiological procedures, urological and vascular operations, and renal transplantation. Right renal artery was divided in to two segmental arteries (anterior and posterior) 4 cm proximal to the hilum of right kidney while left renal artery was normal in origin and course. To plan the adequate surgical procedure and to avoid any vascular complication, Multi Detector Computer Tomography (MDCT), angiography and arteriography should be performed prior to surgery (nephrectomy). As the number of renal surgical and radiological interventions increase, a better understanding of the anatomy of renal arteries and their branches gain importance.