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Upgrading the Diagnostic Value of Seminal Analysis Using Sperm Quality Analyzer Visual (SQA-V) Protocol for Clients Associated with Infertility; the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria Experience

Peletiri IC, Ale ST and Peletiri DC

Semen analysis of 1000 samples was evaluated to ascertain the male factor involvement in the infertility challenge. The Sperm Quality Analizer Visual (SQA-V) - a CASA protocol was used. This technology generates comprehensive semen analysis result in just 75 seconds. Of the 1000 samples analyzed, only 169 (16.9%) had all normal parameters; while the remaining 831 (83.1%) had abnormal parameters detected from them. Of 606 samples, 357 (58.9%) were Asthenozoospermia; 307 (50.7%) were Necrozoospermia; 101 (16.7%) were Oligoasthenozoospermia; 487 (52.0%) of 937 samples were Oligozoospermia; 172 (17.2%) of the 1000 samples were Hypospermia; 160 (16.0%) were Normozoospermia; while only one (0.2%) of 602 samples was Teratozoospermia. Seminal analysis is assessment of generational continuity. Couples experiencing infertility challenge in their marriages are encouraged to consult with their doctors’ early enough; avail themselves the opportunity for proper medical laboratory services while still relying on the Almighty God for divine intervention.