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Two-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation and Petroleum System Modelling in the Hammerfest Basin, SW Barents Sea

Mohammedyasin MS

The Hammerfest Basin has undergone several structural and tectonic evolutions which affected its petroleum systems. Two-dimensional seismic interpretation and petroleum system modelling of the Hammerfest Basin was done in order to understand the petroleum system and effects of uplift and subsidence on hydrocarbon distribution, accumulations, maturity, migration and leakage. The central part of the Hammerfest Basin has been affected by Jurassic syn-rift faults forming a large graben structure in response to subsidence along the folded Asterias Fault Complex and Troms-Finnmark Fault Complex. The graben structure is characterized by gas chimney, bright spots and pockmarks. The modelling result shows that the Jurassic Hekkingen Formation is less mature (oil window) and that the Snadd and Kobbe Formations are mature to highly mature (gas window), respectively. The Stø and Tubåen reservoirs are enriched with oil and gas which migrated from the Snadd and Kobbe source rocks. The hydrocarbon accumulations show that the Stø Formation is the main reservoir in the Hammerfest Basin. Rapid burial during Permian and late Cretaceous was followed by uplift events. Three phases of erosion: the first two phases of erosion (75 to 60 Ma and 30 to 15 Ma) affected and eroded 200 m of Kveite Formation and 300 m of the Torsk Formation, respectively and the third phase of erosion (2.5 to 0.01 Ma) has eroded 100 m of Torsk Formation. The oil migration follows the deep seated faults along the Asterias Fault Complex, Troms-Finnmark Fault Complex and along the bounding faults of the graben structure at the center of the basin which leads to leakage. The migration of gas on the other hand, is vertically upward throughout the basin leaking out of the seal. The gas migration has been enhanced by the uplift and subsidence events which have been the main controlling factors of the hydrocarbon maturation and distribution within the Hammerfest Basin.