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Trends in Computer Viruses: A Review

Erick K. Rotich, Metto Kimutai S, Samoei K. Daniel, &Lily Siele

Computer use is becoming part of our lives every other day however there have been considerable threats of computer viruses in the recent past. Viruses have had adverse effects on data and programs ranging from formatting hard disks, damaging information infrastructure, suddenly restarting machines, deleting or modifying data and in some cases mild effects such as slowing down machines or producing irritating sounds. Viruses have been a major cause for worry especially with the advances in data processing, storage and movement of information technologically. Many computer users and organizations especially the computer intensive organizations have had to invest heavily in dealing with viruses particularly those organizations running the windows platform. These computer viruses have been defined by their characteristics of entry and multiplication without the user’s notice as well as diverting the normal functioning of the computer. This paper seeks to define a virus and explain its related terms such as malicious software, worms, and Trojan horses. It explains vulnerabilities of operating systems in relation to viruses, it makes an observation on strengths of Linux versus Windows, outline the present state of affairs, apart from using anti-virus software, there are other procedures which can help protect against viruses which are also mentioned, the future of computer viruses and the conclusion that the Internet is serving its purpose of interconnecting computer and hence promoting distribution of viruses then makes some recommendations on viruses.