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Internal Medicine: Open Access
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Trastuzumab Related Cardio-toxicity in Breast Cancer Patients Single Center Experiences

Kamil Ashour Farhoud and Eaman suud khalifa

Background: Trastuzumab may induce cardio-toxicity which can be clinically identified as decreased left ventricular systolic function with or without symptoms of heart failure.
Objectives: To determine the prevalence and potential risk factors of trastuzumab related cardio-toxicity in breast cancer treated patients.
Methods: The study was carried out on 78 HER2- positive breast cancer patients who received trastuzumab in the Oncology Department of Al-yarmouk teaching hospital, Baghdad, between September, 2017 and April, 2018.
Results: Twenty two (28.2%) patients developed a significant declining in le ft ventricular systolic function (27.6% of early breast cancer patients and 29% of patients with metastatic disease). Seven of 78 patients (8.9%) developed symptomatic heart failure. Patients with trastuzumab-related cardiotoxicity presented more often with lower baseline ejection fraction, negative estrogen and progesterone receptors, prior radiotherapy, diabetes mellitus and higher body mass index.
Conclusion: Trastuzumab not uncommonly induce cardiac toxicity that mainly manifested as left ventricular systolic dysfunction. The routine assessment of left ventricular systolic function before and during the course of trastuzumab therapy should be considered.