Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence

Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
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Transforming Austin: Augmenting the System of Care for Adolescents in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Holleran Steiker LK, Nash A, Counihan C, White W and Harper K

Maintaining sobriety and a positive quality of life is a challenge for adults in recovery from addiction, but it is even more challenging for adolescents. Post-treatment resumption of substance-related problems for adolescents range from 60-90%. Adolescent recovery programs have struggled with the best mix of services to assure recovery stability and to promote healthy functioning and a positive quality of life. Although research is limited, evidence suggests that a continuum of care model that incorporates peer supports such as APGs (APG) to replace alcohol and drug-using peers is critical for successful recovery. If the model includes attendance at a high school designated for students in recovery, positive outcomes may be even greater. This article outlines the existing models of adolescent recovery support and provides a case study of the augmentation and development of services to adolescents and emerging adults who desire recovery in Austin, TX.