Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Tractor Operators and Passengers’ Perception about Tractor Safety in Kumasi, Ghana

S.H.M. Aikins & N.K. Barkah

A survey of tractor operators and tractor passengers in Kumasi, Ghana, was conducted to assess their perceptions about tractor safety. A questionnaire was designed and administered to 150 tractor operators and tractor passengers including 60 tractor operators and 90 tractor passengers. Survey responses show that 96.7% of the tractors in use were bought as “second hand.” Survey results indicate that 98.3% of the tractor operators’ hour meter and speedometer were not in working order. The results also show that approximately, 98.3% of the tractor operators did not know the speed at which they operate the tractor. Survey responses indicate that 96.7% of the tractor operators do not keep tractor safety records. Survey results also show that none of the operators’ tractors was fitted with roll over protective structure or slow moving emblem. Findings indicate that 96.7% of the power take–off of the tractors surveyed was unguarded. Survey responses indicate that none of the tractor operators used their tractor operator’s manuals. Kumasi tractor passengers in this study perceived travelling on tractors or trailers as safe. Survey responses indicate that all the tractor operators refuel their tractors in open areas with 90% of them not shutting off their engine when re-fuelling, citing poor tractor starter condition for not shutting off their engines. Survey results also indicate that none of the tractor operators wore seat belts when operating tractors. Survey results also indicate that tractor operator carelessness, and brake failures are perceived by tractor operators and passengers to be the major causes of tractor accidents. This study demonstrates the need to provide tractor safety training to tractor operators and passengers in Kumasi