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Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine
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The Safety of Yellow Fever Vaccines, International Experience for different Cases

Merita Kucuku

Yellow fever virus is from family flaviviridae and is endemic in African countries and Latin America. Over 900 million people are living in endemic area and are risked from infection of yellow fever. Illness ranges in severity from a self-limited febrile illness to severe liver disease with bleeding and is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings, and laboratory testing and travel history, including the possibility of exposure to infected mosquitoes. There is no specific treatment for yellow fever; care is based on symptoms. The steps necessary to prevent yellow fever virus infection include using insect repellent, wearing protective clothing and getting vaccinated. Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for endemic countries and over 500 million people are vaccinated with yellow fever vaccine 17D. The countries which are not endemic are recommended according to International Health Regulation to vaccinate people in cases of travelling in endemic areas to avoid the importation of yellow fever virus and epidemic outbreak in the country. The cases of yellow fever infection are reported and in countries free of yellow fever virus. According the data based on the different studies in different countries the yellow fever 17D and 17DD vaccines are very safe and effective against illness and the best way for preventing yellow fever infection.