The Role of miR-320 Family in Atherosclerosis | Abstract
Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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ISSN: 2155-9880


The Role of miR-320 Family in Atherosclerosis

Bin Yang

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), characterized by the development of atherosclerosis and the rupture of plaques, is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality around the global. miR-320a/b/c/d/e belongs to miR-320 family, and accumulating evidence suggested the important roles of miR-320 family in the regulation of Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD), such as atherosclerosis. Here, we reviewed the functional significance of miR-320 members in atherosclerosis and aimed to provide new insights into the prevention, treatment and the screening of therapeutic targets for CAD.

Published Date: 2021-07-27; Received Date: 2021-07-06