Journal of Horticulture

Journal of Horticulture
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The Role - Activity and/or Processing - Of (Re) Active Oxygen Species inDesiccation Sensitivity and/or Tolerance, Development, Dormancy and/orGermination in Seeds

Tobias M Ntuli

The contents of cells may comprise and/or consist of up to 80% water. Removal of cellular water may be accompanied by and/or associated with disruptions and/or disturbances of normal cellular events and/or organization. Desiccation tolerance has evolved adaptations - mechanisms and/or processes - to deal with the situation. Dehydration, germination and ageing may lead to the generation and/or production of free radicals. (Re)active oxygen species may result in cellular damage and/or death. Antioxidants detoxify and/or process free radicals. Active oxygen species may also be involved and/or participate in an integrated intracellular signaling network. This paper attempts an overview and/or review of free radical processes – activity and/or processing - in seed desiccation sensitivity and/or tolerance in the context and/or light of the latter.