The Road to Impeachment: Donald Trump | Abstract
Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs

Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
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The Road to Impeachment: Donald Trump

Blount CD

Purpose: Comparing Trump’s presidency with that of the presidents before him who were impeached and evaluating his prospects of impeachment.
Methodology: Databases such as EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, and ProQuest were used for conducting the literature review regarding the United States political climate.
Findings: There are similarities in the leadership of Trump and other impeached presidents. For instance, both President Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached due to allegations of obstruction of justice and perjury, which Trump is also accused of. Due to the racial discrimination against blacks, the misappropriation of power, and the degrading of females by Trump, among others, the president has a high probability of being impeached.
Implications: The issues faced by the United States republic over several years have led to the current status of the country’s socio-political and economic destabilization. For instance, racial discrimination of people of color by Trump has resulted in their alienation from matters regarding economic development.