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Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Effects on the Quality of Life and Personal Well-Being of Australians Caring for Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Matthew Snow and James Donnelly

This repeated measures study controlled for levels of positive and negative state affect while measuring the personal wellbeing and quality of life of those caring for an individual with an Autism spectrum disorder. It investigated the difference between those caring for an NDIS participant (NDIS carers) and those caring for a Non-NDIS participant (Non-NDIS carers). NDIS Carers reported significantly lower levels of personal wellbeing compared to Non-NDIS carers after controlling for dysphoric mood. No significant effect of carer type was found on quality of life. Time spent in the NDIS (12 months) did not increase NDIS carers’ levels of personal wellbeing however there was a trend for NDIS carers to report increasing quality of life. These findings are considered in terms of the need for carer respite under the NDIS. Possible strategies to identify the psychological dynamics and support needs of this high-risk group under the NDIS are discussed.