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The Liberal Culture of Jaculasis (Masturbation) - Dirty Minded Schoolboys Take Over

Samuel A Nigro

In nature, sexuality is a reproductive consistent act between adult opposite sex members of the same species. Sex organs are genitalia and not hands, extremities, tongues, mouths, anuses or any other part of the body. In nature, while biochemical abnormalities can occur, sex is biochemically ruled by pheromones, especially in higher creatures. In subhuman nature, there is no “love” but biochemical confluence resulting in copulation of high reproduction probability. Contemporary sexuality of non-reproduction consistent activities is unnatural deeds for the planet and the animal kingdom. This “sexuality” for humans is pollution in nature being out of synchrony with the planet, the animal kingdom, and full human nature. (Somewhere in Nazi literature is that statement that following brutal orders increased and religious traditions faded as deviant sexuality was promoted. Shakespeare says the same: “Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles. Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. More need them the divine than the physician”—Macbeth). Masturbation is a basic theme of American culture today as created and promoted by the polluting press and media imposing abortion with loss of respect for children and childhood - against nature, sex became removed from reproduction. Overtly and covertly, selfstimulation is usually the beginning and end of whatever liberals want and promote, especially in the media and advertising. It is a gross social psychosis at worst and a social obsession at least. It is the manifestation of “body dysmorphic disorder” wherein any body part can become the focus of obsessional stimulation to obtain pleasure and relief associated with a preoccupation that something needs to be done to improve whatever body part is being obsessed about. Thus almost everything is “ejaculation” prone, from music to fighting identified as “jaculasis”, i.e., “a pansexual psychosis of unnatural repetitive ejaculation sought obsessively. Non-marital ejaculation is ‘sexcretion’ with sex as excretory ‘relief’ rather than ‘reproduction consistent’ [1].