The Importance of Magnetism in Understanding the Impact of the Corona Virus | Abstract
Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery

Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery
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The Importance of Magnetism in Understanding the Impact of the Corona Virus

Anna C.M. Backerra*

Twin physics is a theoretical tool used to describe phenomena in a complementary way, based upon results of quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg and relativity theory of Einstein. A special feature of it is, that finite magnetic fields can be described, surrounding electrons or molecules. This tool is transformed into the twin model, which is suitable for application to human beings. In this view, each function of the body, excluding the brain, switches between two complementary phases, which are in general expressed as the straight and the magical image. The first is characterized by a concentrated use of energy and the second by a diverged use of energy. The brain reflects only the straight image in keeping control over the body; the spirit is its complement, being a magnetic presence of the human being, produced by electric activities of the brain, so the spirit reflects only the magical image. The brain and spirit communicate with each other by switching from one to the other in each of their functions. To stay healthy, a human being needs an overall balance in the switching of all functions of body, mind and spirit together. If this gets out of balance, it may be compensated to a limited extent by intensifying other functions. The corona virus reflects only the magical image, manifesting itself by its extremely easy spreading and unpredictable behavior. It seems that susceptibility for the virus results from a permanently disturbed balance between mind and spirit, in favor of the mind. This is stimulated, among other things, by the use of the computer, offering no possibilities to transfer magnetic information and so excluding the spirit of interaction between people. The resulting need for more magical influences offers a breeding ground to the virus. The twin model explains why children do not become ill from the virus, why more men than women are dying, why obesity is a severe risk and possibly why older people in some countries have a higher risk of becoming infected than elsewhere. Statistical information confirms this, as far as this is available. By considering the virus from the perspective of twin physics, the contagiousness seems to be caused by its unique electric features. After infection this is transformed into a strong magnetic presence and coupled to a shortage in the development of the spirit.

Published Date: 2020-07-02; Received Date: 2020-05-16