Biochemistry & Pharmacology: Open Access

Biochemistry & Pharmacology: Open Access
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ISSN: 2167-0501



The Hybrid Idea of (Energy Minimization) Optimization Methods Applied to Study PrionProtein Structures Focusing on the beta2-alpha2 Loop

Jiapu Zhang

In molecular mechanics, current generation potential energy functions provide a reasonably good compromise between accuracy and effectiveness. This paper firstly reviewed several most commonly used classical potential energy functions and their optimization methods used for energy minimization. To minimize a potential energy function, about 95% efforts are spent on the Lennard-Jones potential of van der Waals interactions; we also give a detailed review on some effective computational optimization methods in the Cambridge Cluster Database to solve the problem of Lennard- Jones clusters. From the reviews, we found the hybrid idea of optimization methods is effective, necessary and efficient for solving the potential energy minimization problem and the Lennard-Jones clusters problem. An application to prion protein structures is then done by the hybrid idea. We focus on the β2-α2 loop of prion protein structures, and we found (i) the species that has the clearly and highly ordered β2-α2 loop usually owns a 310 -helix in this loop, (ii) a “π-circle” Y128–F175–Y218–Y163–F175–Y169– R164–Y128(–Y162) is around the β2-α2 loop.