The Growth, Reproductive and Berry Phenology of Japan Grapes in Tropical Area of Thailand | Abstract
Journal of Horticulture

Journal of Horticulture
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The Growth, Reproductive and Berry Phenology of Japan Grapes in Tropical Area of Thailand

Chinnapan Thanarut*, Chung Ruey Yen and Jui-Ching KO

These studies of the reproductive growth and harvesting index of Japanese grapes cultivars in the tropical area, Chiang Mai, Thailand was carried out at altitude approximately 300 m above sea level. ‘New Pione’ and ‘Gold Bailey A’ grape cultivars were planted on the structure as T-shaped and uniform cane under the plastic roof at Division of Pomology, Faculty of Agriculture Production, Maejo University, Chiangmai, Thailand. The two cultivars were adapted to grow on the structure very well in high-temperature conditions. Also of reproduction period was especially for both cultivars that can be harvest 2nd corps per year (grapes in Japan only 1st crop). That both cultivars were not different the period time to promote the bud burst at 7-8 days after pruning and flower at full bloom at 15-21 days after bud burst. For the harvesting index of ‘New Pione’ cultivar was measure from full bloom to harvesting at berry ripening times were 96 days for the first crop and 97 days in the second crop respectively. While the harvesting index of ‘Gold Bailey A’ cultivar will be 99 days both first and seconds crops. However, the reproductive of both cultivars showed significantly difference was in both second corps such as ‘New Pione’ and ‘Gold Bailey A’ cultivar shown that in the second season was higher cluster weight, berry number, berry length, and total soluble solid than the first season and titratable acids in the second season was lower than the first season. For ‘Gold Bailey A’ cultivar shown that Therefore, this study demonstrates the possibility of producing more than one crop per year in tropical areas.

Published Date: 2021-09-15;