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The Factors Affecting the Civil War in Darfur Region-Western Sudan

Adil H Ibrahim*

Civil war is one of the phenomena which many countries had suffered from it or have been suffering as in Yemen, Syria and Sudan. War generally is destroyed phenomena, which develops hatred between individuals of community. Many civil wars have taken place in different parts of Sudan such as South Sudan and Western Sudan (Darfur region), in Darfur it escalated dramatically in 2003. This study attempted to discover the factors that drive the civil war in Darfur. The investigator used descriptive and qualitative method, and in order to gather the data and information the researched used secondary data sources. To analyse the data the writer used NVivo 12 Plus. The paper found that the most paramount factor that affecting the civil war in Darfur is social structure as well as injustice, absence of development and marginality.

Published Date: 2023-05-10; Received Date: 2020-02-10