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The Ethio-Eritrean Post-war Stalemate: An Assessment on the Causes and Prospects

Kidanu Atinafu and Endalcachew Bayeh

The people of Eritrea declared their formal independence from Ethiopia after majority of its populations voted in favor of separation in the 1993 referendum. Since the secession, governments of the two countries forged cordial relations and concluded different agreements to regulate their bilateral relations. However, the alliances formed and agreements signed were far from promising and short lived. The various divergences observed in socio-economic and political fields bedeviled their relations which later led for an all-out war of the 1998-2000. Though the war was ended with signing of the Algiers Agreement in 2000, the relations between the two countries for the last fourteen years remained hostile and at the core of the two countries’ hostility is border issue that moved the two countries into different infringes. This piece of paper attempts to uncover the factors accompanying the Ethio-Eritrean post-war impasses and the future prospects.