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The Effect of Nocturnal Enuresis in Adults on Sexual Satisfaction and Self-Esteem

Furkan Dursun, Ercan Malkoc, Sezgin Okcelik, Abdullah Cirakoglu, Ferhat Ates, Kenan Karademir, Temucin Senkul and Hasan Soydan

Aim: To determine whether there is a change in sexual satisfaction and self-esteem in adult patients with monosymptomatic enuresis.

Methods: This study was a prospective questionnaire analysis. 35 adult age individuals still suffering from monosymptomatic enuresis filled out 5-item Arizona Sexual Experiences (ASEX) scale and the 10-item Self-Esteem Scale (SES). Same query forms were filled out by 23 similar aged healthy control group and the results were compared. A value of P<0.05 was used as significance limit.

Results: Mean age of the 35 individuals included in the study was 21.6 ± 1.39 for the patient group and 22 ± 2.59 for the control group (n:23). While 7 patients in the enuresis group had sexual dysfunction, there was only in 1 patient in the control group. The self-esteem score has decreased in 22 respondents in patient group whereas there wasn't any decline in the self-esteem of control group. The two groups' responses to SES questions were statistically different (p<0.02).

Conclusion: Monosymptomatic enuresis at adult ages might affect body respect negatively as well as it might have negative effects on sexual function independent of lower urinary tract symptoms.