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The Challenge of Re-Federalizing Nigeria: Revisiting Recent Debates on Political Re-Structuring

Jake Dan-Azumi, Attahiru Jega and Samuel Egwu

This research study reviews all dimensions of the recent agitations for political restructuring of Nigeria. A range of stakeholders from all the states in the federation were interviewed on a range of issues including the structure of the federation. Key findings from the study show that on the whole, respondents generally believe in a united Nigeria despite the challenges to Nigerian unity. Furthermore, while there is a clear preference for the retention of the current federal structure with states as federating units. The consensus is that some kind of re-structuring is necessary particularly through devolution of powers and allocation of more resources to the states to make for a more functional and effective federal system. The study therefore recommends, among others, greater autonomy for states and local governments in the forms of devolution/decentralization of power and resources using established principles of distribution of powers such as subsidiarity and proportionality.