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Medical & Surgical Urology
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The Artificial Urinary Sphincter Infection that Occurred 10 Years Later from Implantation

Hidenori Zakoji, Hideyasu Inuzuka, Shoji Kudo, Hiroshi Nakagomi and Masayuki Takeda

An 82-year-old diabetic man with AMS 800™ in the bulbar urethra was referred to our hospital with lower abdominal pain and swelling. He underwent open sigmoidectomy with indwelling of urethral catheter a month ago. Abdominal and pelvic CT showed the inflammatory change around the device. Urethroscopy revealed urethral erosion and bulge of cuff into the lumen of urethra. Immediately, he was treated with a course of antibiotics administration, however, the device tube became exposed on the outside of scrotum skin 6 months later. We have removed the device except cuff and a part of tube because it was thought to be difficult to separate it from the urethra.

The infection rate of AMS800TM is known to be 3.3~27.8%, mostly infection has occurred in 2 years. It was a rare case of infection that occurred 10 years later from implantation in association with abdominal surgery.