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Taekwondo and Myoinositol Supplementation on Regularization of Menstrual Cycle in Adolescent Athletes: One Year Follow up Observational Study

Alberto Corticelli, Maura Grimaldi, Giorgio Piastra, Valeria Trifiletti, Rosaria Falivene, Sabrina Bosi, Pietro Fugazza, Alessandro Castagnino and Massimiliano Saltarini

The objective of this study was to retrospectively analyze the effect of DCI on menstrual cycle regularity in taekwondo young athletes practice. Data analysis and current status of literature are reported. Enrolled in the study 23 athletes aging 10-17 years performing taekwondo at least twice a week, in the last twelve months. No distinction was done about presence or not of ultrasound sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, when the enrollment of case started. All adolescent taekwondo athletes with irregular cycles (oligo/amenhorrhea) were treated with Myoinositol, for twelve months, 1000 mg daily. Our data suggest that there is a significant improvement regarding the reduction of oligomenhorrea in the group enrolled: probably this hypothesis has multiples causes and different physiopathology.