Rheumatology: Current Research

Rheumatology: Current Research
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Symptoms in Daily Life and Activity Level of Women with and without Hypermobility

Mueller Mebes Christine, Luder Gere, Schmid Stefan, Stettler Matthias, Stutz Ursula and Radlinger Lorenz

Objective: Generalized Joint Hypermobility (GJH) is defined as a condition in which several joints move beyond their normal limits. It seems to be associated with musculoskeletal disorders, pain, reduced activity level in sports and reduced strength. The aim of the current study was to record specific problems and disorders of hypermobile women and to build subgroups based on these results. As a second objective, the study aimed to identify differences in activity level between these subgroups. Methods: A total of 195 women were included in this exploratory study: 67 normomobile (NM) and 128 hypermobile. Of these, 56 were classified as hypermobile with symptoms and 47 as hypermobile without symptoms. Symptoms were first recorded with the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) and then monthly over a period of 6 months with a face validated questionnaire including general impairment, localization, type, intensity and frequency of problems. Activity level was determined by the International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Results: On the COPM there was no significant difference between patients in the NM and HM groups. The face validated questionnaire identified the most important problem to be pain in different localizations after remaining in one position for too long. The highest activity level was found in the HM group (p=0.021). Conclusion: Hypermobile women are active for longer during the day than women with normal mobility, but the type and degree of activity needs further evaluation. More detailed recording of symptoms in women with GJH is required to identify the discrete differences between the groups. To build subgroups in GJH the procedure of screening has to be more comprehensive. Widespread pain and level of activity are aspects that have to be included in the holistic approach to the management of patients with GJH.