Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Study the Remove and Transport Mechanisms of Seleniums in Membrane(UF and NF) Processes

Mustapha Chabane and Benamar Dahmani

The removal and transport of ionized and non-ionized selenium’s were systemically investigated in this study. The charge repulsion between the membrane surface and selenium ions was an important mechanism for the rejection of ions by a charged membrane. In addition, selenium removal was significantly affected by the J0/k ratio, but was not affected by the cross-flow velocity. Both diffusion and convection are proven to affect the transport of selenium ions transports. The reflection coefficients of both UF and NF membranes increased with increasing the pH, and with the reflection coefficients of selenate are being higher than those of selenite at under the same operating conditions. The spiral-wound type module exhibited slightly higher selenate removal compared to than the flat-sheet type module at under the same operation conditions.