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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Study of the LCL Filter for Three Phase inverter in higher stability for the Active damping Method using Genetic Algorithm Base.

Rajendra Aparnathi, Ved Vyas Diwedi

The use of a LCL-filter mitigates the switching ripple injected in the grid by a three-phase active rectifier or Three-phase inverter (VSI). However stability problems could arise in the current control loop. In order to overcome them a damping resistor can be inserted, at the cost of efficiency. On the contrary the use of the active damping seems really attractive but it is often limited by the use of more sensors with respect to the standard control and by the complex tuning procedure. This research Work introduces a new active damping method that does not need the use of more sensors and that can be tuned using genetic algorithms. It consists of adding a filter on the reference voltage for the converter’s modulator. The tuning process of this filter is easily done, for a wide range of sampling frequencies using genetic algorithms. The resultant active damping solution does not need new sensors or complex calculations. Moreover, the particular attention is devoted to the dynamics of the system due to the introduction of the active damping.