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Study of Prevalence of Anaemia among Pregnant Women and Its Correlation with Different Risk Factors

Huma Hameed, Anam Hameed, Sajid Bashir, Shazia Akram, Muqeeza Arshad and Rabia Afzal

In current study the prevalence of anaemia among pregnant females and its correlation with foetal mortality was studied in Punjab, Pakistan. Overall 65.4% females were anaemic. On basis of Hb level 6.4% females were severely anaemic, 19.2% were moderately and 39.8% were mild anaemic. The values of PCV in 86.6% while MCV in 46.4% and MCH in 41.8% females were less than normal values. Significant correlation was observed in Prevalence of anaemia and daily intake of three or more cups of tea. A similar significant correlation was also found between anaemia, vegetarian diet and poor diet. Age group of pregnant females was also observed significantly correlated with prevalence of anaemia and maximum anaemic females were in the age group of 35>40. Overall 17.7% foetal mortality was recorded with significantly highest among anaemic group which gradually decreased with increase in Hb among moderately and mild anaemic groups. The TLC in 13.6% pregnant females showed higher than normal. Significant differences in neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes and eosinophils were observed among pregnant females.