Journal of Geology & Geophysics

Journal of Geology & Geophysics
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ISSN: 2381-8719


Study of Generation Conditions of Lower Part of Productive Series in Case of Absheron Oil-Gas Bearing Region

Seyidov VM and Khalilova LN

Determination of facial nature of reservoirs has the major value for exploration for oil and gas traps. It is known that lithological traps are mainly related to sand bodies, however not all sand bodies are necessarily traps. Therefore, it is important to perform detailed studies of generation of sand bodies within the limits of studied North-Absheron zone of uplifts in aim to outline most favorable areas for exploration of lithological traps and related to them oil and gas deposits.

The study was done by use of technique of logging facies, which allowed defining the genesis of Productive Series layers in Early Pliocene in North-Absheron zone of uplifts. Applied methodology of logging facies is quite effective since it makes possible to perform interpretation visually analyzing spontaneous polarization (SP) and gamma-log (GL) curves.