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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Study of Energy Saving in a Commercial Setup by Replacing Conventional Bulbs with LED Lights

Arjamand Khaliq, Rana Fahad, Junaid Shafique and Maryam Iqbal

In every walk of life, technology or household errands, commercial sector or Health sector everywhere energy is playing vital role and is the key to progress. Macroscopic analysis of worldwide energy utilization reveals that Lighting accounts for almost 20% of over-all power consumption. The demand for energy is incrementing swiftly over time with increase in populace, transmutation in life style, and advancement in technology. This urging call for sustainable energy resources to meet the ever escalating need has led to energy calamity which is the most imminent and colossal menace for economic stability of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and is acting as a vacuum to inhibit the economic as well as social prosperity of the country. Several efforts have been made to fetch instant remedies and design long term plans to cope up with these alarming circumstances. While enlisting the possible solutions to this agitating situation, undoubtedly ‘energy conservation’ thrives at the top. Substantial energy savings can be achieved by reducing energy consumption by artificial lighting which has potential of energy preserving by utilizing efficient lighting technologies such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). A case study is conducted for a commercial setup to compare the performance, appropriateness and financial effects of conventional bulbs and LED.