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Study of Drying Shrinkage of Retempered Concrete

S.B. Bhagate & Dr. D.K. Kulkarni

Drying shrinkage in concrete is occurred due to moisture loss, it is one of the important parameter which affects behaviour of concrete. Therefore it is necessary to study mechanism of drying shrinkage. In this paper, the attempt has been made for study of drying shrinkage of retempered concrete, for retempering time 15,30,45,60,75, and 90 minutes. The process of remixing of concrete, if necessary, with addition of just the required quantity of water is known as “retempering of concrete”. Sometimes, a small quantity of extra cement is also added while retempering. For this experiment, the two specimens of size 500X350X45 mm has been casted and kept to open atmosphere for 24 hours. After demoulding the specimens it is transfer to the curing tank for curing and then after 28 days The shrinkage parameters including length, width, numbers and total area of cracks has been determined.