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Journal of Research and Development
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Strategic Planning and Bank Management in Nigeria: Issues for Policy Consideration

Obasan Kehinde A, Ogunkoya Olufemi A

The study researched the bank management and strategic planning using 21 bank s as the focus. Data were collected through the use of Questionnaire. The population was restricted to banks staffs.. The respondents fully completed the sample unit of 392 from the sample frame and a non - probability techni que called Purposive or Judgmental Sampling was used. Data were subjected to a Regression and correlation analyses. The Questionnaires were distributed to staffs of the bank and result that there is no significant relationship between bank management, stra tegic planning and bank distress meaning that there are others factors which ultimately determine bank distress such as the go vernment economic policies. The Government should consider giving the management of banks suspected of failing more time or ultima tum to turn things around and review the cashless or plastic money policies that the society and economy is not ready for due to poor infrastructure and awareness.