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Stock Volumes Determining as the Basis for the Plan of Opening, Preparation and Extraction Processing in Open Stone-pit Quarries

Ľudovít KOVANIČ and Miroslav ŠIMČÁK

Geodetic surveying and volume calculation of mineral deposits, that consequently serve as the basis for the „Plan of opening, preparation and extraction“ processing is the common work of mine surveyors. This paper presents methodic procedures and solutions of this task at andesite deposit at Ruskov quarry in Slovak Republic near city Košice. The spatial data collection was done by GNSS technologies in combination with modern terrestrial laser scanning method using Leica Scanstation C10. Volume calculations were solved by TIN surface model calculation, and also by classic procedures using vertical cuts and contour lines, that were mutually compared. The paper solves also the problem of the number of points necessary for valid volume determination. Therefore, the comparison was done based on results gained during stock volume determination specifically for the extraction wall enlarging the mining area where the number of points was gradually reduced