Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Statistical Modeling of Anambra State Solid Waste Management Constraints

Ihueze, Christopher Chukwutoo & Chukwumuanya, Emmanuel Okechukwu

Numerous factors have been identified as hindrances in the efforts of solid waste managers to providing effective, efficient and sustainable solid waste management services in their localities. The study aimed at investigating the dominating ones in Anambra State, Nigeria. Four out of all the known constraints namely, insufficient funding, nonavailability of vital tools/equipment, lack of modern technology and lack of data/improper data management were evaluated, verified and validated through a case study as being the dominants in the Anambra State solid waste management system. Should the state government adequately deal with these four constraints, about 85% of ASWAMA problems in providing sustainable quality services will be eliminated. Besides, the hypotheses drawn on the questionnaire confirmed funding as a serious factor for consideration in Anambra State SWM. Analysis made showed that the fund given to ASWAMA as annual budgetary allocation is not sufficient for the Agency to achieve its legal objectives.